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Good Entry is a Game-Changer for Traders. It is the groundbreaking platform designed to address two primary concerns of traders: liquidation risks and maximizing returns. If you’ve ever felt stressed about monitoring prices and liquidation, Good Entry is the solution you’ve been waiting for so you can trade confidently. Good Entry is revolutionizing the trading experience by introducing protected perps to traders worldwide, so you can have a good entry into the trading world. Protected perps offer a more secure and relaxed trading experience compared to traditional perpetuals. These innovative instruments significantly reduce liquidation risks by focusing on time rather than price, allowing you to trade confidently without being preoccupied with liquidation thresholds. Good Entry enables traders to test their trade ideas with minimal risk exposure and limited downside risk. Make upside when you’re right. Lose near nothing when you’re wrong. This happens because when a trade idea is invalidated, traders are only liable for the hourly funding, which acts as protection against downside. This protects Good Entry traders from losses typically incurred with traditional risk management tools such as stop loss, that take a hit on P&L at the strike price.

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