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We’re taking over the financial system and using it for Good. Our first step is giving away Good Money shares to all new members. Now, you own the bank. Good Money is a bank owned by the people in service of the planet, providing best-in-class mobile banking while empowering citizens to be part of a more equitable and transparent world. According to the GoodMoney project team, the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies despite their many advantages is still limited. A few reasons they cited are: 1) Poor user interfaces, 2) Sub-par go to market strategies and 3. few teams that have experience building massive direct-to-consumer brands that scale. GoodMoney’s proposes to build a platform that will be known as “the first global alternative to fiat and fee-based banking.” To address the 3 reasons for the limited adoption of cryptocurrency they are building: Stable Coin and a multicoin Wallet. The stable coin will be a 1–1 fiat to crypto which will have the following features: auditing, user friendly interface, peer-to-peer, will enable token holders to manage both their fiat and crypto cryptocurrencies in a single mobile app. Exchange for fiat and crypto pairing without banking fees. Token holders will be able to easily convert crypto to fiat and back. Alongside that, the GoodMoney project team expects that the “no banking fee” will entice the public to adopt their crypto solution. Further, they are utilizing Smart Contracts, Blockchain 3.0, Stablecoin Protocol, and Stablecoin API. The team is comprised of leaders who have built 4bn companies. Gunnar Lovelace, Founder & CEO, a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of Thrive Market. He also co-founded and is the current Chairman of Love Heals, a socially conscious boho chick jewelry selling globally in 450 stores. Seth Taube, Co-founder, the founder and CEO of an investment banking company specializing in asset management services called Medley Management Inc and has taken to date 3 companies Public. Moreover he is the current Chairman and CEO of Sierra Income Corporation. Nick Sullivan, Co-founder & CTO, the former VP of a data management platform later acquired by Salesforce. He is a technology expert who founded ChangeTip, a tipping platform later called ChangeTip which was acquired later by Airbnb. Andrew Masanto, Co-founder & CSO, was a former employee at Rothschild as an Investmetn Banking Analysst. He co-founded Hashgraph Public Ledger, and he is an advisor and early contributor of AirSwap. Bear Kittay, Co-founder & Head of Business Development. In the last three years, Bear Kittay (not in the photo above) is both Advisor and Investor of Partnered and Shaker. He is a member of the Board of Directors at Bridges for Music. He is also known for being a Social Alchemist and Global Ambassador for the Burning Man, and the Project Lead of the Fly Ranch Project.

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