Jason Choi

Jason Choi

GP at Spartan Group.


Jason Choi Introduction

Jason Choi is GP, head of research at Spartan Group, Founder of Blockcrunch Podcast. I lead research at Spartan Capital, a hedge fund investing in decentralized networks. I also host The Blockcrunch Podcast, a popular podcast dissecting the economics and technology behind blockchain projects. I'm fascinated by digital privacy, incentive design and frontier technologies. Previously, I invested in early stage startups as a founding partner at Contrary Capital, a seed stage venture fund backed by former executives at Tesla, Twitch and MuleSoft. I spent time briefly at Deloitte Consulting, where I supported the firm's Blockchain Lab and Fintech practices, and global macro hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, where I was exposed to Ray Dalio's Principles and became interested in macroeconomics. I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on blockchain at conferences in New York and San Francisco, and was previously a contributing writer for tech startups on The Huffington Post and Forbes. I share my thoughts regularly on Twitter and Medium, and have appeared on multiple panels and interviews.

Jason Choi Work Experience