John Barnett

John Barnett

Product Lead at Twitter.


John Barnett Introduction

John Barnett is Product Lead at Twitter. Previously CEO at Chroma Labs (acquired by Twitter), Product at Instagram & Facebook. Creator of Boomerang from Instagram. Over the last decade, John led the development and launch of 6 apps with over 450M downloads. Previously, John was the PM for the Facebook Camera and a PM on Facebook’s AI team, focused on the future of visual creation andinnovative consumer AR/AI applications. He was also a PM on Facebook’s Applied Machine Learning team, and Youth team, and Instagram’s Story, Video, Profile, and Creation teams. John helped create and launch both Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, along with helping to develop and pitch the initial product concept and framing of the market opportunity for WhatsApp "Status" in early 2016. At Instagram John led the creation and development of Instagram’s Boomerang app and Layout app. He helped create 3D AR Drawing, AR world effects, and Neural Style Transfer for Facebook’s Camera, along with the Selfie/Blur/Boomerang capture modes in the FB camera, and many other creation focused features across Instagram and Facebook. Before joining Instagram, John co-founded an app development company called Bright Mango, and he was an early employee at several startups including Twitpic, Heello, and Docvia.

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