Kingdomverse, Mobile Gaming Metaverse.


Mobile Gaming Metaverse.

Kingdomverse Introduction

Kingdomverse is the first Metaverse to combine a 3D world with casual mobile games. Build up your Kingdom with friends and battle to conquer lands. At its core, Kingdomverse is a shared game world that will span multiple titles. Set in a science-fantasy world where characters from different realms band together to fight their enemies. The first title Defend the Kingdom is a casual PVP Tower defense game where players battle demons that are invading the realms. “Legends” or heroes in the game are put into teams of 5 to combat waves of enemies. Each Legend has unique powers and are important heroes in the lore. Legends can evolve or be upgraded over time to maximize their power and potential. Through Defend the Kingdom, players will compete and also band together in Co-op mode. The intense and fun gameplay will draw even the most casual non-gamer. Quests, new bosses and heroes will be updated every season as the story progresses for the game. Staying true to the Web 3 ideas of interoperability, we will partner with different IPs and games to bring their characters into Defend the Kingdom. Kingdomverse will be one of the first projects in the space to truly integrate game assets from many different IPs and titles.

Kingdomverse Investors