Kirobo's logo is a place where anyone can build. Pick your favorite DeFi protocol and make it better. Reinventing how people engage with the blockchain through a smart transaction marketplace - to make it more accessible for anyone in the world. It is the world’s leading smart transaction development platform. This is a new development platform that can be compared to any L1& L2 blockchains, except that it solves a different problem. Our platform solves the smart contract problem, reducing the development costs and time required for anyone to build protocol features and create new protocol combinations. Along with new capabilities, unlocking DeFi composability will result in more efficient, new creative financial services and products for end-users. The open-ended and permissionless nature of DeFi protocols on L1 & L2 blockchains, along with Kirobo’s smart contract development platform, will allow users to stack these protocols together just as you would a lego set. Kirobo`s Smart Transactions platform opens up a new DeFi world with more features, more use cases and greater useability.

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