Lisk Center Utrecht's logo

Lisk Center Utrecht (LCU) is a non-profit organisation and opened her doors a the end of february 2019. The Lisk Center Utrecht has been founded with the idea to bring together entrepreneurs and innovators, to share their ideas to create a fair and sustainable future, using blockchain technology. Our goal is to create awareness for blockchain initiatives and help people through sharing knowledge, networking and collaborations. By facilitating a physical location to work together and organising meetups, we help blockchain initiatives to grow their projects from a central hub in the Netherlands. We have chosen to brand our incubator ‘Lisk Center Utrecht’ because of the ideals the Lisk Foundation and its community has set. These ideals will help promote distributed ledgers for the world to learn and engage in the usage of blockchain technology. We are a community based effort and not managed by, or have any obligation, to the Lisk Foundation based in Zug. Lisk Center Utrecht has a non-exclusive license for the use of the label “Lisk” as in e.g. “Lisk Center”.

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