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Maple Leaf Capital

Share thinking around Web3 crypto investment opportunities.

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Maple Leaf Capital Introduction

Maple Leaf Capital dedicated to maximizing economic value of the EOS token and its underlying DAPP ecosystem.

We establish this proxy to elect the best block producers that maximize the value of the EOS token as well as the token of decentralized applications (DAPPs) built on the EOS main-net.

To achieve this goal, we look for 3 fundamental characteristics:

We believe the best way to maximize EOS ecosystem value would be for an EOS block producer to produce blocks in a seamless, reliable, and swift fashion. With our in-house counsels from publicly-listed, large-cap fortune 500 technology companies, we will rate and rank BPs on their block-producing capability.

We believe the second most important factor that maximizes EOS ecosystem value would be for EOS block producers to enrich and foster the EOS DAPP ecosystem. This can come in form of tutoring, technical back-up, investments, useful tools, and/or any other items developers deem helpful. We will be polling top DAPP teams on a regular basis to rate and rank BPs according to developer feedback.

We believe the last important factor that maximizes the economic value of the EOS ecosystem would be that the network is, both perceived and in reality, decentralized. The cartel-forming, colluding, and geographically concentrating behaviors can deter entries of investors, developers, and adopters alike. At our sole discretion, we will rate and rank BPs based on this metric.

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