Mithil Thakore

Mithil Thakore is Co-Founder and CEO at Velar, , a liquidity protocol on bitcoin. Advisor at TeraSurge Capital. Mithil is a serial blockchain entrepreneur who has co-founded ‘QuillHash’ - an enterprise blockchain services company working on multiple public and private blockchains, which is recently recognised amongst most promising blockchain services companies of India. Before Quillhash, Mithil co-founded a cryptocurrency exchange based in US called which had over 10,000 registered users. Mithil is strategy consultant and advises for ‘Orion Stride’ - one of India’s most successful ICO consultancy firms and GreeOX - a Singapore based indoor farming company. Mithil has also been an active speaker and panelist on topics related to Blockchain and Entrepreneurship in multiple events and colleges all over the country. He is chauvinist about Blockchain and has written guest columns and is contributor in YourStory, Hackernoon, CoinCrunch India and others. Starting with his entrepreneurial journey in 2017, Mithil's first venture was, an e-ticketing platform based in Mumbai endeavouring to break monopoly of BMS in India. Born and brought up in a family with over 100 years of business background, he has been actively investing and trading in Stock market and Cryptocurrency market for a couple of years. His Computer Science background gave him the edge and he started learning and understanding the technology behind cryptocurrencies, during which he experienced his moment of Epiphany and pivoted into Blockchain. Mithil predicts that by 2040, all currencies in the world will be digitised ( does not mean a bitcoin/crypto dominant world ) and all cars will run on renewable energy.