The goal of the Mythos Foundation is to reduce barriers-to-entry for innovative game developers wanting to build thriving play-and-own game economies. DeFi game tech for games like NFL Rivals, Blankos, and Pudgy Penguins. Mythos aims to democratize the gaming world and allow for players and creators to participate in the value chain. It is grounded in the support of multi-chain ecosystems, unified marketplaces, decentralized financial systems, decentralized governance mechanisms and multi-token game economies. Mythos is spearheading funding, development and distribution of gaming, token and blockchain technologies to reduce barriers to entry for innovative game developers wanting to build a thriving play-and-own economy, thereby allowing for more web3-based interactive experiences to be created, and to reach a wider audience. This opens the doors for players to enjoy a broader and more diverse gaming market where studios are limited only by their imaginations. Mythical Games is the initial contributor and supporter of Mythos. Mythical is providing support and fully committing to integration of Mythos standards and technology and adoption of the Mythos utility token in order to fuel next-generation game development and Web3 gaming utility. Mythical is also helping recruit the first set of Mythos governance partners and advisors from gaming and related industries.