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NodeShift is a cloud platform that makes it easier for developers to build and host secure applications affordably in the decentralized cloud. The NodeShift platform aggregates multiple independent data centers across the world and a wide range of existing decentralized solutions under one hood such as Akash, Filecoin, ThreeFold and many more, with an emphasis on affordable prices and a friendly UX. Payment for its cloud services is simple and straightforward, giving every business access to the same interfaces as the traditional cloud but with several key added benefits of decentralization such as affordability, privacy and resilience. Startups, enterprises and developers who are new to the cloud can get up and running quickly without any prior knowledge of decentralized technologies, while businesses that are familiar with cloud platforms have the option to easily transfer their workloads. It’s a platform purpose-built to empower developers and businesses, regardless of their growth stage or cloud prowess.