Nova Finance, Inclusive portfolio management platform, built on Solana.

Nova Finance

Inclusive portfolio management platform, built on Solana.

Nova Finance Introduction

Nova Finance is an inclusive portfolio management platform that harnesses the power of programmable assets, built on Solana. Nova’s mission is to provide a range of automated tools and strategies within DeFi through programmable assets, providing users with the opportunities to mitigate downside and maximise returns and giving DeFi power users a platform to capitalize on their expertise. nAssets are Nova Finance’s framework for programmable assets. With a hybrid token structure, nAssets can be backed by digital value like cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, securitized tokens or any other programmable asset. nAssets can thereby be used as a form of collateral through representing the underlying value it holds; other protocols within DeFi can also utilize nAssets. The value in nAssets is that the underlying asset itself can be programmed to carry out certain functions; to highlight a use case scenario, a user may wish to swap 50% of their ETH exposure into a stablecoin once the total value of their nAsset reaches a price of $100; they could then deploy the aforementioned stablecoin into a yield farm, vault or other DeFi protocol. The programmatic functionality of nAssets creates a myriad of new and exciting opportunities to deploy fund management techniques, reduce downside and optimize for maximum returns. Nova’s first products using the nAsset framework are Portfolios. Experienced cryptocurrency investors can use Portfolio’s to design profitable and sustainable investment strategies. A portfolio creator can set exactly how the portfolio should behave by placing assets into yield strategies to generate additional diversified income and also by setting conditions for holding assets and when to exit. At Nova we support collaboration and, as nAssets bring a further layer of programmability to an already highly malleable technology, we intend to utilise the wide range of utility that Programmable assets have outside of Nova Portfolios alone. We have already started to work with other promising DeFi teams to explore how nAssets can simplify the UX journey and optimize value for users within fellow protocols in the DeFi space.

Nova Finance Investors