The New Scalability Stack for Ethereum.


Optimism Introduction

Instant transactions and scalable smart contracts on Ethereum. Optimism built the OVM to scale Ethereum on L2, a scaling layer intended to work with Ethereum L1 to allow vastly more transactions to be executed without security tradeoffs. The Optimism team has previously launched a demo with Uniswap at Devcon V in October 2019, which used a custom OVM. This new demo showcases a general alpha version of the OVM requiring no custom code, ahead of a launch later this year. Optimism is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC): a for-profit corporation intended to produce a public benefit and operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. This means that we are obligated to balance the pecuniary interests of our stockholders with the best interests of those materially affected by our conduct, as well as a specific "public benefit charter" we incorporated with.

Optimism Portfolio