Oracle Base

Oracle Base

Elastic. Oracle. Ecosystem.

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Oracle Base Introduction

Oracle Base is the First Elastic Supply for Oracle Ecosystem.

OracleBase is built on an elastic supply protocol which automatically extends/contracts token supply to accomplish target value balance. ORACLEBASE's objective price is one billionth the absolute market capitalization of all Oracle Coins: (Cryptoslate) x 0.1^12. At the point when OracleBase market cost = (Cryptoslate x 0.1^12).

Supply expansions / contractions are called rebases.

Rebases occur when OracleBase market price ≠ (Cryptoslate x 0.1^12).

‍When it is > (Cryptoslate x 0.1^12), expansion rebase occurs. When it is < (Cryptoslate x 0.1^12), contraction rebase occurs. Expansion creates new supply, decreasing scarcity and driving price down its target. Contraction destroys supply, increasing scarcity and driving price up to its target.

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