The Real Estate Revolution in the Metaverse.
Share Introduction believes that in the Metaverse, everyone deserves the freedom to enjoy a life which you may never experience in the real world. Paraland will make this happen. Paraland is a luxury real estate company that aims to redefine the art of architecture and lifestyle in the metaverse. Partnering with the finest and brightest architects and designers over the world, we offer not only luxury properties but also the best experience of meta life. We don’t just deliver private residences with mind-blowing concepts of design. A new world is awakening. Paraland will present you the most imaginable city, an exquisite land where technology and architecture merge with innovations and cultures. In the Paraland world, with the entertaining communal facilities, you can enjoy an entirely new social experience including concerts, exhibitions, sports tournaments, and a huge variety of interactive experiences that give citizens the opportunity to connect with individuals who have shared interest. Individuals, businesses, and brands can meet and collaborate in the Paraland space, where they can conduct businesses or host their own clubs and exhibitions with zero capacity limits and geographic restrictions.