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Peruya brings Blockchain Economy Investing. We believe that the future of the internet will be driven by a shift in power dynamics, granting users and creators greater control and autonomy. We are convinced that the application of cryptoeconomic security rooted in decentralized structures will lead to unparalleled levels of security and privacy, while also facilitating the potential for deep value capture through the introduction of novel token models constituting a distinct digital asset class. Peruya is a dedicated investment group that engages in active portfolio management for its liquid token funds. As one of the first liquid token fund managers under German regulation, we have a proven track record, demonstrated by the successful liquidation of our first generation fund PAM Fonds I in 2022 with exceptional returns on investment. Combining a wealth of investment and computer science expertise, along with entrepreneurial backgrounds, we have a deep understanding of Web3 protocols and software, which is augmented by our proven, data-driven due diligence process to validate our investment decisions.

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