Petr Korolev

Petr Korolev

Head Of Operations at Matter Labs.


Petr Korolev Introduction

Petr Korolev is Head Of Operations at Matter Labs, 12 years of experience in the IT/Blockchain industry, expert in Blockchain scalability solutions, ETH-based applications in various industries, Zero Knowledge concept development, Plasma Protocol implementation and cryptography. My main focus: - Blockchain scalability solutions, based on zkSNARKs - Plasma Protocol. (Research for the State Channels and Sidechain solutions) - I'm working with Ethereum-based applications in various industries, that required to solve scaling and privacy issues. The main focus on DEX solutions. - I provide educational courses and do a security audit for blockchain solutions upon request ## Technologies - Blockchain R&D| Bitcoin | Zcash | Ethereum - Experience with design and build of Financial systems - Familiar with information security technologies - Experienced in DevOps solutions - Knowledge of multi-threaded applications

Petr Korolev Work Experience