Science NFTs.

Planck Introduction

Planck is an incentive system aimed at bettering the incentives around open innovation, antifragile tinkering, and the scientific production of knowledge. We do this by helping to create and organize digital manuscripts on a blockchain. Original manuscripts of important works have long been uniquely valuable, and by programming around such digitally scarce, non-fungible manuscripts (called Glyphs) we have developed an incentive system to reward thinkers, innovators, and creators. This incentive system can be thought of as “alt-IP”; a non-legal framework for attribution and financial rewards for those who do time-consuming, valuable, knowledge work. We believe this is essential in the larger project of improving the knowledge commons, helping us all think and create together better. Planck buidled and sold the first native web3 scientific result as an NFT, using the proceeds to fund a replication of the study. We also ran a novel zero-knowledge analysis of the study results and sold that result as an NFT, SplitStreaming it to projects we depended on. Beyond running the replication and continuing to build out the SplitStream, our next step is to launch the "Prize" portion of the design (our early essay was called "Post-Venture Capital and The Crypto-Nobel Prize").

Planck Team

Matt Stephenson