Abe Othman - CupherHunter

Abe Othman

Author of Automated Market Making: Theory and Practice provided foundational.
Shelby Thomas - CupherHunter

Shelby Thomas

Co-Founder of prysm.
Bruno Skvorc - CupherHunter

Bruno Skvorc

Technical Educator at Web3 Foundation.
Bill Laboon - CupherHunter

Bill Laboon

Technical Education Lead at Web3 Foundation.
Macro - CupherHunter


Helping Web3 Builders Build.
Anton Wahrstatter - CupherHunter

Anton Wahrstatter

Teaching and Research Associate.
Ed Felten - CupherHunter

Ed Felten

Co-founder of Offchain Labs.
Nas Academy - CupherHunter

Nas Academy

The right community can change your life.
Strive - CupherHunter


India’s first cohort based live learning platform.
JetLearn - CupherHunter


Coding For Kids Education,.
Laurent Benichou - CupherHunter

Laurent Benichou

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency "buidler".
Nader Dabit - CupherHunter

Nader Dabit

Developer Relations at Celestia.
Sergey Gorbunov - CupherHunter

Sergey Gorbunov

Assistant Professor at University of Waterloo (CrySP group).
Edverse - CupherHunter


Decentralising and democratising education.
Andrew Hall - CupherHunter

Andrew Hall

Professor of Political Economy at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.
Letmespeak.org - CupherHunter


The new way to learn English.
Zigazoo - CupherHunter


The social network & NFT education platform for kids!
Neol - CupherHunter


Learn, connect and collaborate to solve challenges that matter.
Proof of Learn - CupherHunter

Proof of Learn

Unlocking accessible, high-quality education.
Metacrafters - CupherHunter


Onboarding the next 1 million web2 devs to web3 through learn-to-earn gaming.
BitDegree - CupherHunter


Blockchain-based learning platform with smart incentives.
Learnoverse - CupherHunter


Explore the CryptoDegree City.
EduDAO - CupherHunter


Support the innovatprs of tomorrow.
eduDAO - CupherHunter


Alternative funding platform for education and nonprofits.
Coinmarketpedia - CupherHunter


The First Crypto & Blockchain Educational Platform.
Chase Chapman - CupherHunter

Chase Chapman

Co-Founder of Decentology.
Alli Pope - CupherHunter

Alli Pope

Director of Education and Events at Variant Fund.
buildspace - CupherHunter


Start building the future of the internet.
PlannerDAO - CupherHunter


A community of 800+ forward-thinking financial professionals.
Unacademy - CupherHunter


India’s Largest Learning Platform.
Patrick McCorry - CupherHunter

Patrick McCorry

Assistant Professor for Security Engineering at King’s College London.
Motoko School - CupherHunter

Motoko School

Create a public school on the Internet Computer.
Infinity Blockchain Labs - CupherHunter

Infinity Blockchain Labs

Blockchain Headhunter - CupherHunter

Blockchain Headhunter

Connecting Talent to Blockchain, Crypto & Fintech Employers.
Coinmonks - CupherHunter


"Free access to education will liberate the world".
Women4blockchain - CupherHunter


Empower women in the world of blockchain.
Merchants of NEAR - CupherHunter

Merchants of NEAR

Financial Analysis and Project Evaluation on NEAR Protocol.
Ivan Liljeqvist - CupherHunter

Ivan Liljeqvist

International speaker, blockchain educator.
Guillaume Lambert - CupherHunter

Guillaume Lambert

Assistant Professor at Cornell University.
Standard - CupherHunter


Making DeFi accessible to all with a fee-free wallet that teaches you along the way.
David Parkes - CupherHunter

David Parkes

George F. Colony Professor of Computer Science.
Planck - CupherHunter


Science NFTs.
Forward Protocol - CupherHunter

Forward Protocol

Reforming and Redefining Education With Blockchain.
Tom Fuerstner - CupherHunter

Tom Fuerstner

Founder and CTO at Riddle & Code.
Alexandre Bourget - CupherHunter

Alexandre Bourget

Co-Founder and CTO at dfuse.
Nadim Kobeissi - CupherHunter

Nadim Kobeissi

Founder of Capsule.
Steve Webb - CupherHunter

Steve Webb

Co-Founder of Impervious.
Luit Hollander - CupherHunter

Luit Hollander

Support & Education at MyCrypto.