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Quixxi Introduction

Developers are faced with a lengthy, complex, and costly process to build better, more secure applications incorporating new technologies such as blockchain. Quixxi provides an immediate solution, enabled by a new tradeable cryptocurrency, the Quixxi Token (QXE). Our collaborative ecosystem currently offers SDKs and services for security and analytics and will add SDKs and services for developers and enterprises to integrate blockchain features such as Crypto-Payments, Secret Storage, Identity Management, and Token Creation. We will also incentivise developers to publish custom SDKs and services that will be purchased by other developers using QXE. The Quixxi ecosystem will rely on a new tradeable cryptocurrency, the Quixxi Token (ticker: QXE). Application developers will be able to gain access to Quixxi services by paying with QXEs. Service access fees will take the form of subscriptions (for static services/libraries) or per-usage fees (for services that make regular calls to blockchains that incur on-chain expenses). QXEs will also be used to reward community developers whenever their service modules are used by client developers.

Quixxi Portfolio