Sakina Arsiwala

Sakina Arsiwala

Building Taki backed by Superlayer.


Sakina Arsiwala Introduction

Sakina Arsiwala has held Product and Growth leadership positions at Nextdoor, YouTube (She took Youtube International, launched 22 countries, including India), was Product Lead on Google Search Internationally. She also co-founded a social startup that was acquired by Groupon, where she led Social Product Growth for Groupon. She loves building products that help level the playing field. I love building products, whether it's 0 to 1 or Blitzscaling. Very interested in social products, network effects on scaling users and building community to drive organic product driven growth. Currently immersing myself in web3/ blockchain. Experience in Product leadership. Enjoy working in teams both big and small. I have managed large cross functional organizations as well as small razor focused teams. History of successfully leading diverse and geographically separated teams to develop innovative products. Leadership background in Social, Search technology, on-line Video and International expansion.

Sakina Arsiwala Work Experience