Sekuya is a video game company headquartered in Singapore. Born from a community, Sekuya aims to revolutionize the gaming landscape with a community-driven approach in all new anime epic fantasy universe. Sekuya’s flagship project, Sekuya Multiverse, an award-winning start-up project, combines 2 of the world’s most popular gaming genres: MOBA + RPG, promising a new gaming experience for 250+ million global players. With thriving communities in Southeast Asia and around the world already participating and supporting the project, Sekuya Multiverse is becoming one of the GameFi projects with the biggest community base in Southeast Asia. Sekuya Multiverse offers an immersive MOBA + RPG experience set in the Novae Terrae, a 10-world universe. Players, known as "*Jumpers,*" can utilize an AI character creator to customize their own character, interact with AI NPCs, embark on engaging storylines, and participate in battles to collect 400+ sekumon souls and win grand rewards. Anticipate an exhilarating 5v5 MOBA featuring unique superpowers bestowed by Sekuya heroes and special abilities tailored to each player's personality.