Sentient is a cryptocurrency initiative inspired by models like the Tea protocol, focused on building agent systems. It harnesses the power of open-source incentivization through a community coin. Sentient aims to leverage blockchain to align the community around a shared goal, benefits, and challenges. Open-source development is crucial for achieving affordable and accessible AGI for all, and we believe sustainable funding models are necessary to compete with heavily-capitalized private endeavors. Rather than complex blockchain technicalities, our initial emphasis is on creating products that can generate interest and rally the community around a roadmap. Sentient employs a fair launch model, with the goal of equitably sharing potential success with the community. Over time, Sentient will evolve towards a decentralized tech stack, using tokenomics and ledger incentives to drive community contributions and align interests as we demonstrate value. This project aims to pioneer a new model for sustainable open-source development funding while sharing value with a dedicated community. Though success isn't guaranteed, we're committed to fairness, transparency, and allowing community opt-outs if they disagree with the direction. Our approach embraces diverse technologies across platforms, gradually transitioning into a decentralized Web3 ecosystem as components mature, starting with gaming. Our vision is to develop an autonomous system that not only competes in video games but also fosters creativity and yields unforeseen results. Our goal is to cultivate a community united by a shared objective. Ultimately, we aim for this initiative to be self-sufficient and self-sustaining. We welcome everyone to join and contribute, as we believe that intelligence knows no borders and the brightest minds can be found anywhere across the globe.