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Sima Gandhi is a founder and the CEO of Creative Juice, a Forbes Top 50 fintech and Fast Company Most Innovative Company. Juice is the business banking and funding platform for creators and other independent small businesses. Sima has been recognized as a thought leader by Fast Company, Forbes, LinkedIn, Marie Claire, and more. She brings decades of executive experience to building businesses and products within emerging categories, particularly within heavily regulated industries like fintech and healthcare. Prior to Creative Juice, Sima served as Head of BD & Strategy at Plaid. She joined as the first business executive and as the 15th employee, scaling the company to 500+ people and a 5B+ valuation. Previously, Sima led co-brand business development and consumer lending strategy for American Express and was a Policy Advisor at the Department of the Treasury. Sima started her career as a corporate tax attorney. Sima is an active investor and advisor to companies including leading fintech and tech platforms like Finch, Mati, Rupa, Moov, Kalshi, Unit, and Sytch. Sima brings to the board room a rare ability to triangulate between regulatory, private sector, and developer perspectives given her unique background in Washington DC, and across Plaid, Amex, and Creative Juice.

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