SIPHER, Casual MOBA and Exploration Game.


Casual MOBA and Exploration Game.

SIPHER Introduction

SIPHER is a casual MOBA and Exploration Game with an end-game goal of creating an Open World Social Game. Built as ERC-721 Blockchain, the 1st collection of 10,000 characters (namely Sipherian Surge) will see NFT drop on Semtember 9th, and they belong to SIPHER INU race. Sipher is a new blockchain-based gaming experience that takes the best of two worlds: Surrogates (avatars) and the Cypherpunk movement. In the metaverse, players use avatars to interact with and combat each other, engage with the virtual world, generate rewards, and much more. The game takes place in Sipheria, a technologically advanced virtual World of Blocks with a high level of influence of cyberpunk, mechas, cryptography, nanotechnology, and genetic technology. In Sipheria, humankind saw itself forced to create a new form of meta-existence: Siphers. Demo artwork of Sipheria — World as Blocks, these new lifeforms were the result of CRISPR-genome extraction and ethereal elements, having all the qualities necessary to survive in the world and contain the consciousness of their creators (you). As the player, gamers can interact with the world freely by using their unique Siphers as their avatar. As Siphers are NFTs built upon the Ethereum network, these meta-digital beings are entirely owned by their holder and can take advantage of all the benefits of the NFT ERC-1155 standards to gain unique traits, customizations, abilities, and more! Sipher has many of the elements that not only make a videogame popular but also that allow collectors to find and trade unique assets. These 2 qualities make the game attractive for gamers and collectors alike, allowing it to capitalize on two different audiences in different ways. Siphers can not only be burnt (if you are cruel enough to do so) to get the game’s cryptocurrency in exchange, revived, and traded as such many collectibles but they can also be used to generate $SIPHER token which can then be staked to generate earnings in different ways. This makes Siphers a mechanism to open the doors to new investment possibilities. Finally, the developer also makes use of Machine Learning powered chatbot to educate about the game, create unique humorous, philosophical and entertaining conversations between players and the game.


SIPHER Investors