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Takens Theorem is a cryptothematic data analyst, visualist, writer. When entering the space several years ago, he created early data interfaces for crypto projects, such as an early recommender system for NFTs in 2019. He often share visualizations on Twitter, on themes about time and scale, interconnectedness, and technical developments. A passion is exploring the relationship between cold raw data and human cultural experiences, especially with a focus on the transformative potential for cryptographic and blockchain technology. He developed experimental 100% on-chain and interactive NFT projects, such as the_coin, Gaussian Timepieces and The Mesh. His projects also include expressive data visualization, representing the structure and dynamics of raw on-chain data: Ethstory, Indivisuals, and Reflective Recursion. Several of these projects have had charitable fundraising goals, including for 501(c)(3) charities devoted to helping communities most in need. Projects have raised over 60 ETH for charity.

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