Carl Runefelt

Carl Runefelt is CEO of The Moon Group, Founder and CEO of Active investments in more than 400 crypto projects. Carl Runefelt's transformative journey from a grocery store cashier in Stockholm to a crypto industry titan in Dubai is a testament to the power of vision coupled with relentless perseverance. Carl has shown that a combination of strategic investments, robust mindset, and an unwavering dedication to continuous learning and self-improvement can lead to monumental success in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency. Sponsored Campos Racing and Ralph Boschung for Formula 2 Season 2022 and 2023 As a Philanthropist, Carl actively donates to charities supporting children with Down syndrome and other disabilities Carl also interacts with his audience on The Moon Channels, educating masses about trading, crypto investment and successful startups. It is an ideal platform for visionary entrepreneurs and passionate enthusiasts to learn and embark on a journey towards innovation and success. With high-value informative content shared on The Moon Channels, Carl is set to drive technological advancements and play a significant role in the overall industry growth.