's logo Corp is a publicly traded technology company that invests in web3 assets and builds web3 businesses. The Company focuses on three operating segments: i) crypto staking, ii) the metaverse and, iii) play-to-earn crypto gaming. owns digital assets and operating businesses within each of these three segments. Staking operations occur within Metaverse real estate and ecomm3 solutions operations occur within a subsidiary called Metaverse Group. Crypto gaming operations occur within a subsidiary called Hulk Labs. All three businesses are tied together by the utilization of blockchain technology and are linked to high-growth macro trends within web3. Through sharing resources and infrastructure across these business segments, is able to efficiently incubate these businesses from inception to revenue generation. As a result of each of the three business segments owning digital assets, is required to revalue these assets at every reporting quarter. The Company's financial statements will have non-cash related gains or losses based on the market performance of the digital assets owned from quarter to quarter. These non-cash revaluations of owned digital assets do not impact the operations or growth within our business segments. The digital assets are owned for the purpose of generating revenue within each business segment. In some instances, the Company may choose to dispose of certain assets if they no longer meet our ownership criteria.

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