Tomer Warschauer Nuni

Tomer Warschauer Nuni is Chief Business Development Officer at Kima Network. He is a prominent figure in the digital marketing and blockchain industries, having accumulated over two decades of experience. He has earned recognition for his pioneering efforts in GameFi and DeFi, carving out a unique position as a forward-thinking leader in the Web3 revolution. Tomer's career is highlighted by several successful exits and strategic investments that demonstrate his proficiency in harnessing the potential of emerging technologies. As the Chief Marketing Officer at Kima Network, Tomer leverages his extensive experience and visionary insight to drive the company's growth. He specializes in bridging the gap between intricate blockchain innovations and market demands, developing strategies that resonate with diverse audiences. Tomer's deep understanding of digital marketing, along with his passion for blockchain technology, makes him an invaluable asset to Kima. Apart from his business achievements, Tomer is a well-respected voice in the industry and shares his expertise by contributing articles and thought leadership pieces to notable publications such as Forbes and Cointelegraph. As an angel investor and strategic advisor, he leverages his vast network and expertise to not only drive growth for his portfolio companies but also to promote an environment of ecosystem collaborations, business innovations, and partnership excellence. Tomer is an early angel investor and a strategic advisor to some of the industry's leading projects in Web3, including Kryptomon, ChainGPT, GT Protocol, Cookie3, Engines of Fury, Haunted Space, Kima Network, Omnia Protocol, Octavia, Ironblocks, and Aspis Finance. His contributions to the blockchain and digital marketing fields have earned him a reputation as a distinguished figure within the industry.