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Trips provides the infrastructure creators need to protect their content, turn their copyrights into financial assets, and access gated, institutional liquidity opportunities. On Trips, creators can close the gap between future earnings and immediate cash flow by selling partial interests in their copyrights for money upfront, while maintaining full creative control over their content. At Trips, we’re transforming how content creators protect and monetize their original creations. Using our first-of-its-kind platform, creators can establish a digital footprint for their work, ensuring undisputed ownership while guarding against unsanctioned uses. Beyond protection, we equip creators with the means to transform their copyrights into tangible, financial assets they can then further monetize. It’s our way of helping creators take control of their financial future. Our commitment lies in empowering Creators to effectively navigate the digital world by building great products that promote their success, ensure the preservation of their creative ownership and allow them to achieve and maintain financial independence.

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