U-DAO, Unlimited-DAO.



U-DAO Introduction

The Singapore UIP Foundation initiated the establishment of the U-DAO (Unlimited-DAO) Fund in conjunction with Huobi Ventures and other institutions. The fund will focus on high-quality projects in the NFT field and provide financial support and incubation. Promote the sustainable development of the project and optimize the UIP copyright ecology. Singapore UIP Foundation (referred to as UIP Foundation) is blockchain technology and Internet service provider focusing on the entertainment industry. It has long been committed to providing blockchain technology solutions and services for scenarios in the Internet + entertainment industry. UIP Foundation Combining blockchain technology with copyright trading scenarios in the entertainment industry, it has created a global entertainment copyright intelligent trading Platform-Future Copyright and is committed to providing one-stop entertainment copyright intelligent services for global entertainment IP copyright holders. The UIP Foundation has focused on the blockchain copyright field since its establishment, and the U-DAO Foundation has also been established to focus on the NFT track. The U-DAO Fund will select blockchain innovative NFT project products in various regions of the world through the DAO autonomous management model, and support more projects with decentralization, a strong driving force, and a high degree of community autonomy management. Build the NFT blockchain infrastructure, activate the NFT innovation gene, and ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the NFT ecology. U-DAO Fund takes DAO community governance as its core and provides investors with an opportunity to discover the value of NFT and participate in the governance of NFT projects.