NFT Universe built on Ethereum.


Universe Introduction

Universe, NFT Universe built on Ethereum. Launch your own community-driven NFT universe baked with social tools, media services, and distribution - underpinned by the native $XYZ token. Meta: To create a system that doesn’t live off the backs of artists and creates a sustainable ecosystem for artists and fans alike. The Universe is forever expanding at an accelerated rate, all while the xyzDAO controls the future and the fate of this project. Starting with an array of tools and a mission to empower artists, with a DAO that will be governed by the $XYZ token and its community. xyzDAO will be guided by the stars and the carbon that surrounds them as we travel into the cosmic unknowns.

Universe Team

Ryan Shtirmer
Tim Kang
Matt Hunter
Mark Ward
Tyler Scott Ward
Dragos Rizescu
Troy Murray
Milad Mostavi

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