Untapped Ventures

Untapped Ventures

Impact venture studio + fund.


Untapped Ventures Introduction

Untapped Ventures is a venture studio and pre-seed fund in Los Angeles on a mission to help people achieve the best version of themselves, personally and professionally. Leveraging our powerful network and unique methodology, we found and fund companies at the intersection of the Future of Work, HRTech, and Mental Wellness. Since we are committed to the long haul and hope to grow exponentially, we aspire to become one of LA's greatest VCs and eventually one of the world's top early-stage funds. Untapped Ventures will soon become one of LA Valley's best VCs and continue a rapid rise to one of LA's best VCs and on to being one of the best pre-seed VCs on the planet. Our focus early on as a venture studio will help build our track record, experience, and value-add, showing we best understand idea-stage founders looking to build game-changing companies and scale quickly. Having played this game of building and investing in fast-growth venture-scale businesses for 30 years, everyone involved at Untapped will experience an incredible abundance of wealth.

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