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Eigenlayer is a platform to leverage Ethereum security through the innovative method of restaking. Our products provide cryptoeconomic security for services and companies in modular blockchain layers. We propose EigenLayer, a restaking collective for Ethereum. EigenLayer is a set of smart contracts on Ethereum that allows consensus layer Ether (ETH) stakers to opt in to validating new software modules built on top of the Ethereum ecosystem. Stakers opt in by granting the EigenLayer smart contracts the ability to impose additional slashing conditions on their staked ETH, allowing an extension of cryptoeconomic security. By opting in to EigenLayer, stakers can validate for many types of modules including consensus protocols, data availability layers, virtual machines, keeper networks, oracle networks, bridges, threshold cryptography schemes, and trusted execution environments. Instead of fragmenting security between modules, EigenLayer aggregates ETH security across all of them. This increases the security of the decentralized applications (dApps) that rely on the modules. In addition, the value of Ether increases due to new fee-sharing opportunities from these manifold modules. EigenLayer also acts as a staging system for Ethereum, where new innovations such as Danksharding and proposer/builder separation can be battle-tested in manifold variations before the best ideas can be integrated back into Ethereum. Finally, EigenLayer ushers in a new era of permissionless innovation, in which innovators do not need to build their own trust networks in order to implement new distributed validation modules, but can instead rely on the security and decentralization provided by ETH restakers via EigenLayer.

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