Galaxy Games

Galaxy Games is empowering Web2 and Web3 Gamers: Bridging the Gap with Innovative Solutions. Building AAA games at Galaxy Games Haunted Space, the award-winning game acclaimed by Forbes as the Best NFT Emerging Project and a proud recipient of the Epic Mega Grant. What sets Haunted Space apart? It's a premier AAA title powered by Unreal Engine 5, designed to offer an unmatched single-player and multiplayer experience. With a single-player saga set to captivate by the end of Q2 2024, and three dynamic multiplayer modes - Space Wars, Open World, and Base Management - rolling out throughout the year, we're setting new standards in gaming innovation. The game's single-player journey will grace PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam, while its blockchain-powered multiplayer aspect will debut on PC and the Epic Mega Store. Haunted Space stands as the pioneering game merging traditional video gaming with blockchain technology, creating a unified platform for players across both domains.