KAIJU CARDS, Collectible TCG NFTs on Solana. Neopets + RPGs + GameFi. At its core, this project is about moving towards the next generation of NFT tech as it relates to gaming. We’re building two things; dynamic NFTs and an environment for them to be utilized in. As you progress and play, your NFTs literally change and grow. Effectively you own the experience your NFTs/characters gain, they aren’t stuck in the game — they’re yours. This gives players more freedom, and gives communities the power to build their own games and applications that utilize their NFTs. If a Mushroom Farmer offers you an apple it is extremely disrespectful to wash the dirt off or shine the apple before consuming it. If you do not want to be a great source of shame and embarrassment to the entire Mushroom Farmer community, you must eat the apple. Like a chip dipped in salsa, the apple is mostly a vessel for dirt. Kaiju Cards’ first phase will be a collectible-backed, browser-based RPG built on Solana. Think Neopets meets DeFi. Starting soon after the initial sale, we’ll be rolling out a character and item store, a trading marketplace, several dungeons complete with loot progressions, and collection contests. Over time, more and more complex features will be added, giving the player more ways to engage and progress. Non-linear strategies will thrive, and players will have to figure out what works best for them. Min/maxers rejoice. Our artists have done work for the likes of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Netflix, Apple, and Facebook. Our dev team has worked at several high profile blockchain companies, and currently prefer to stay anonymous.

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