Keone Hon

Keone Hon

Co-Founder of Monad (accelerating EVM).


Keone Hon Introduction

Keone Hon is Co-Founder of Monad, an effort to accelerate EVM. He started Monad with James Hunsaker - his friend and teammate since 2014 - to try to address current bottlenecks in decentralized computation. They are building a new EVM-compatible smart contract blockchain with a relentless focus on optimization and performance. He is a developer of low-latency software systems and an engineering leader, with relevant experience in distributed systems and machine learning. He spent most of the past ten years as team lead of an HFT team at Jump Trading. Jump is an incredible company where independent teams build high-performance trading systems to participate in the most liquid and competitive markets in the world. The team excelled at low-latency computation; they built an extremely efficient and flexible system for computing statistical models that powered our trading decisions. In addition to directly building their trading systems and ML platform, as team lead he managed developers and quants and made hiring and strategic decisions. In his last year at Jump, he joined Jump's crypto division and led a team of research engineers focused on blockchain protocol research and dApp development. Through his work in Jump Crypto, he became aware of the current bottlenecks in decentralized compute, and became convinced that my previous experience was relevant to advancing the state of the art in blockchain computation.

Keone Hon Work Experience