Last Odyssey

Last Odyssey is a groundbreaking web3 simulation game (SLG) that merges traditional MMOSLG gameplays with the web3 elements. Build your kingdom, expand territories, recruit heroes, and face powerful foes in the world of Middangeard. Fight for survival, power, and the chance to reign supreme across the LAND. Join the adventure and conquer the world in Last Odyssey now! In NFT Realm Conquest, engage in epic battles to claim territories, and conquer capitals, ruins, and valuable resources. Unite with Commanders, unleash tactical brilliance, and rise as a legend in this thrilling conquest. Enter War of Thorne, where intense PvP combat awaits. Challenge Commanders, seize control of Thorne, and become the mightiest ruler. Assemble an army, strategize attacks, and defend your reign. Only the bravest leaders will ascend the throne and earn the title of the ultimate conqueror. Forge your destiny in the immersive worlds of Realm Conquest and War of Thorne. The battle for supremacy has begun in Last Odyssey!