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SeaX - Southeast Asia Exponential Ventures is a venture capital firm investing globally in early-stage companies with game-changing “exponential” technologies. We deliver a unique access to a highly selective group of innovative companies from around the globe. We combine our strong entrepreneurial, investing, and scientific background with extensive professional networks across Asia and the US to identify the best investment opportunities. Most importantly, we aim to achieve both financial returns and strategic advantages for our investors. Some of the key highlights - Access: We provides our investors access to deal flows globally with a primary focus in the U.S. and Southeast Asia. - Accelerate: Our fund leverages RISE's platforms and networks which has over 1000+ startups alumni across Asia and several hundred corporate partners to help startups scale quickly. - Advantage: Our investors are top multinational corporations and family offices, collectively we can become the network of entrepreneurs, business partners, and co-investors.

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