Shawn Dimantha

Shawn Dimantha

Product at Google & YouTube, Early Stage Investor.

Shawn Dimantha Introduction

Shawn Dimantha is product leadership at Google & YouTube helping to build the future of the creator economy using the power of big (exascale) data. He is also KERNEL Fellow & DeFi Guild Lead at Gitcoin. Outside of my day job I wear many hats including investing in and advising early stage startups, building and contributing to venture/investment DAOs, experimenting with Web3 dapps while honing my Solidity/React skills, and exploring my interests in artificial intelligence & machine learning research at Georgia Tech. I primarily invest in crypto/Web3, biotech, and AI/ML. I’m a former exited digital health entrepreneur and love talking about all things related to complex systems and network science, and am a member of the Santa Fe Institute.

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