Binary Options Trading, Re-Imagined.

Thales Introduction

Thales, Binary options Handshake Ethereum. Explore a new frontier in on-chain derivatives. It is a non-custodial binary options platform that taps into the infinite liquidity of the Synthetix ecosystem. Both founders have strong backgrounds related to software development with Danijel bringing more than a decade of experience as a software engineer in Java technologies and Farmwell coming from an enterprise software consulting background specializing in implementing accounting automations. Thales founders met and became friends in Synthetix Discord. With the onset of the pandemic, they found themselves spending more time online talking about DEFI, its development, and technical challenges. Last fall was the tipping point for them when Farmwell managed to convince Danijel to leave his comfortable role in enterprise software to jointly develop Thales...and so this epic adventure begins. Thales will bring binary options to life on Ethereum, implementing decentralized order books for traders and market makers to swap their options tokens prior to the expiry date. The Thales platform will eventually support options trading on Optimistic Ethereum in addition to customized options trading and sports betting (when results can be verified on-chain). The future looks bright on the horizon. Thales team has grown to include 6 rock-stars and two specialist contributors eager to bring a new vision of permissionless trading to life with binary options on crypto-asset price feeds.

Thales Team

Danijel Gornjakovic