WestCap, Build companies that become great investments.


Build companies that become great investments.


WestCap Introduction

WestCap is a growth equity firm led by a team that has founded, capitalized and operated tech-enabled, asset light marketplaces for over 20 years. Our experience, expertise and history of outperformance are why founders pursue deep partnerships with WestCap. We were entrepreneurs first, and we continue to collaborate with world class leadership teams to create value and realize opportunities across the very industries we helped shape. Developing emerging technologies to address the inefficiencies and fragmentation of e-commerce, mobile payments and private markets that drive economic inequalities. Leveraging disruptive technology in real estate to make travel and accommodations more accessible to a wider audience on a more equitable basis. Capitalizing on the shift from ownership to open access as consumer spending moves from accumulating material assets to creating meaningful life experiences. Supporting innovation to revolutionize healthcare by creating equitable access to the necessary care that will drive wider inclusion in a healthier world.

WestCap Portfolio