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Wodo is an open-source platform offering a wide range of solutions and APIs to adopt blockchain, NFT and metaverse capabilities in the gaming ecosystem. Wodo Gaming is an open-source platform where gamers and game developers come together to develop, publish and play next-generation games enriched with blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse technologies in one interoperable, secure, and highly scalable ecosystem. Whether you are a passionate gamer, a freelance game developer, an enterprise gaming company, or Metaverse game designer you can enjoy the novel solutions of Wodo Gaming within an active community. Wodo Ecosystem consists of: Wodo Platform: services, APIs, and development kits to manage blockchain, NFT, and metaverse capabilities Wodo Gaming Solutions: Integrated solutions enabling the ecosystem. Game Hub, Marketplace, Game Store, Launchpad, Game Hosting, Software Development Kits Wodoland Game: The first MMORPG using cryptocurrencies and NFTs that is designed and built on top of the platform capabilities and fully integrated with the wodo gaming solutions.

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