Xavier Meegan

Xavier Meegan

Research at Chorus One.


Xavier Meegan Introduction

Xavier Meegan is Research & Ventures Lead at Chorus One. Australian, currently working as a Research & Ventures Lead at Chorus One. Currently leading a team of 4 researchers across 3 shards (Ethereum, Solana and Cosmos) and also responsible for sourcing, analysing and executing ventures investments. Research focus on consensus, MEV, Proof-of-Stake, decentralised networks, cryptoeconomics, interoperability, liquid staking and decentralised finance (DeFi). I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) majoring in Corporate Finance from The University of Adelaide and recently completed a Master's Degree in Fintech (MFintech) from MIP Politecnico di Milano. My thesis for my Master was entitled 'Identifying Key Non-Financial Risks in Decentralised Finance on Ethereum Blockchain', supervised by Professor Morini (Banca IMI, Algorand, World Bank). I have previous work experience in the blockchain team at ING in Amsterdam.

Xavier Meegan Work Experience