Hedge Funds

Jane Street - CupherHunter

Jane Street

A very different street.
Gerstenbrot Capital - CupherHunter

Gerstenbrot Capital

Digital asset investments.
FBG Capital - CupherHunter

FBG Capital

Digital asset management firm.
Manifold Trading - CupherHunter

Manifold Trading

Systematic, medium frequency quant hedge fund in crypto.
mgnr - CupherHunter


Quantitative algorithmic hustle.
Synergia Capital - CupherHunter

Synergia Capital

Quantitative finance and active portfolio management.
Distributed Global - CupherHunter

Distributed Global

Blockchain based Digital Asset Management.
PARADIGM - CupherHunter


A crypto asset investment firm.
Third Point - CupherHunter

Third Point

Founded by Daniel S. Loeb in 1995.
CMS Holdings - CupherHunter

CMS Holdings

Focused on making investments across the cryptoasset ecosystem.
Polychain Capital - CupherHunter

Polychain Capital

Hedge Fund investing at the Protocol Layer of Web 3.0.
LedgerPrime - CupherHunter


Quantitative digital asset investment firm.
CoinShares - CupherHunter


Pioneer of professional crypto investment vehicles.
Three Arrows Capital - CupherHunter

Three Arrows Capital

Hedge fund manager that provides risk-adjusted returns.
CoinIX - CupherHunter


Crypto and blockchain technologies in the format of a share.
Tiger Global - CupherHunter

Tiger Global

Deploy capital globally in both public and private markets.
Hex Capital - CupherHunter

Hex Capital

Algo trading, VC, Portfolio Mgmt.
AcheronTrading - CupherHunter


We Build Liquid Markets for Digital Assets.
TPS Capital - CupherHunter

TPS Capital

An Independent Progressive Proprietary Trading House.
VanEck - CupherHunter


Access the Opportunities.
Finexify - CupherHunter


Unlock extraordinary alpha with our Ethereum Green Legend Fund.
Satori Research - CupherHunter

Satori Research

Capture trading opportunities in the digital assets space.
Selini Capital - CupherHunter

Selini Capital

Multi-strategy trading firm and liquidity provider specializing in crypto assets.
Coatue Management - CupherHunter

Coatue Management

Focusing on the technology, media, and telecommunications industries.
Orthogonal Trading - CupherHunter

Orthogonal Trading

Multi-Strategy Digital Asset Investments.


Digital assets hedge fund in the new economy.
GoldenTree - CupherHunter


Employee-owned, global asset management.
CoinFund - CupherHunter


Disruptive technology requires disruptive investors.
Bitwise - CupherHunter


The world’s first cryptocurrency index fund.
Scorpio VC - CupherHunter

Scorpio VC

The Future is coming and come for the future.
Gadze Finance - CupherHunter

Gadze Finance

The next-generation quantitative DeFi fund.
ARK Invest - CupherHunter

ARK Invest

Believe Innovation Is Key to Growth.
BlockTower - CupherHunter


Cryptoasset Investment Firm.
Pathfinder - CupherHunter


Evolving from a family office which began 30 years ago.
Apollo Capital - CupherHunter

Apollo Capital

Australia's leading crypto asset investment firm.
Two Prime - CupherHunter

Two Prime

Bringing Abundance to the Crypto Industry.
Point72 Ventures - CupherHunter

Point72 Ventures

Build the Future Together.
X-Order - CupherHunter


Trailblazing the Geographic Discovery of token economic landscape!
The Brooker Group - CupherHunter

The Brooker Group

Digital Assets will be the key element that leads to Web 3.0 Economy.
Alphabit - CupherHunter


At Alphabit, we believe in the blockchain.
DARMA Capital - CupherHunter

DARMA Capital

Digital Asset Risk Management Advisors.
Infinite Capital - CupherHunter

Infinite Capital

Formerly Synapse Capital.
NOIA Capital - CupherHunter

NOIA Capital

Actively managed alternative asset manager.
Dunamis Trading - CupherHunter

Dunamis Trading

Constant, Logic. Dynamic. Dunamis.
Matrix Capital Management - CupherHunter

Matrix Capital Management

Co-founded in 1999 by David Goel.
Win Capital - CupherHunter

Win Capital

Focusing on the blockchain capital market and Internet finance.
Faculty Capital - CupherHunter

Faculty Capital

Your trusted Market Partner.
3iQ - CupherHunter


Canada's Largest Digital Asset Manager.