JKL Capital - CupherHunter

JKL Capital

Navigating Volatility with Certainty.
GEM Digital - CupherHunter

GEM Digital

Digital asset investment firm.
PANGEA - CupherHunter


Thesis driven hedge fund.
Valkyrie Investments - CupherHunter

Valkyrie Investments

Wall Street meet Crypto.
Magnet Capital - CupherHunter

Magnet Capital

Australia's First Crypto Managed Fund.
Hudson River Trading - CupherHunter

Hudson River Trading

Built by Coders. Led by Coders.
MHC Digital Finance - CupherHunter

MHC Digital Finance

Institutional Digital Asset Investment & Custody.
AGBuild - CupherHunter


Web3 and FinTech.
Silver Lake - CupherHunter

Silver Lake

The global leader in technology investing.
Motus Capital - CupherHunter

Motus Capital

mo-tus (Latin) - a movement, motion, an advance, progress. Origin of motor.
TokenMania - CupherHunter


TokenMania Asset Management Group.
Liq.vc - CupherHunter


Your friendly crypto operator fund.
Compound Capital Partners - CupherHunter

Compound Capital Partners

Preserve. Yield. Compound.
ValuesIndex - CupherHunter


Building the first ESG crypto index fund.
2268 - CupherHunter


Helping fund and support products building on Web3.
Pattern Research - CupherHunter

Pattern Research

Technology-driven trading firm.
Synergia Capital - CupherHunter

Synergia Capital

Quantitative finance and active portfolio management.
Akuna Capital - CupherHunter

Akuna Capital

The New Wave in Tech and Trading.
mgnr - CupherHunter


Quantitative algorithmic hustle.
LedgerPrime - CupherHunter


Quantitative digital asset investment firm.
Immutable Capital - CupherHunter

Immutable Capital

Global liquid hedge fund.
Future Money - CupherHunter

Future Money

Technology Community Trading.
Polychain Capital - CupherHunter

Polychain Capital

Hedge Fund investing at the Protocol Layer of Web 3.0.
Blockforce Capital - CupherHunter

Blockforce Capital

Asset management firm that offers innovative financial products.
RB Capital - CupherHunter

RB Capital

A fresh take on investment and M&A.
Apollo Capital - CupherHunter

Apollo Capital

Australia's leading crypto asset investment firm.
Selini Capital - CupherHunter

Selini Capital

Multi-strategy trading firm and liquidity provider specializing in crypto assets.
Brevan Howard - CupherHunter

Brevan Howard

Macro & Derivatives Excellence.
Divergence Digital Currency - CupherHunter

Divergence Digital Currency

Multi-strategy crypto fund.
Jane Street - CupherHunter

Jane Street

A very different street.
Gerstenbrot Capital - CupherHunter

Gerstenbrot Capital

Digital asset investments.
FBG Capital - CupherHunter

FBG Capital

Digital asset management firm.
Manifold Trading - CupherHunter

Manifold Trading

Systematic, medium frequency quant hedge fund in crypto.
Distributed Global - CupherHunter

Distributed Global

Blockchain based Digital Asset Management.
PARADIGM - CupherHunter


A crypto asset investment firm.
Third Point - CupherHunter

Third Point

Founded by Daniel S. Loeb in 1995.
CMS Holdings - CupherHunter

CMS Holdings

Focused on making investments across the cryptoasset ecosystem.
CoinShares - CupherHunter


Pioneer of professional crypto investment vehicles.
Three Arrows Capital - CupherHunter

Three Arrows Capital

Hedge fund manager that provides risk-adjusted returns.
CoinIX - CupherHunter


Crypto and blockchain technologies in the format of a share.
Tiger Global - CupherHunter

Tiger Global

Deploy capital globally in both public and private markets.
Hex Capital - CupherHunter

Hex Capital

Algo trading, VC, Portfolio Mgmt.
AcheronTrading - CupherHunter


We Build Liquid Markets for Digital Assets.
TPS Capital - CupherHunter

TPS Capital

An Independent Progressive Proprietary Trading House.
VanEck - CupherHunter


Access the Opportunities.
Finexify - CupherHunter


Unlock extraordinary alpha with our Ethereum Green Legend Fund.
Satori Research - CupherHunter

Satori Research

Capture trading opportunities in the digital assets space.
Coatue Management - CupherHunter

Coatue Management

Focusing on the technology, media, and telecommunications industries.