A Global Data-Driven VC.

Follow[the]Seed Introduction

Follow[the]Seed is a venture capital fund using a unique predictive analytical model known as Raving Fans™ to identify the next $1 Billion+ ventures. A Global Data-Driven VC. That is Shifting Away From The Old Paradigm. We love seeing innovative ideas, are excited to be introduced to new and disruptive technologies, and are passionate about entrepreneurship, but when it comes to making an investment decision, we use numbers and data to guide us. Follow[the]Seed is an early stage Algo-Venture Capital Fund focused on Habit Forming Technologies, Products and Services. We're based in Sydney, Australia, San-Francisco, USA, Tel Aviv, Israel & Beijing, China. We have over 3 decades of combined experience building startups ourselves and another 2 decades of experience investing in over 90 companies. The RavingFans™ is a behavioural psychology model, designed to identify successful habit forming products and services at early stages. Once a critical mass of users develops an ‘irrational’ relationship with a product or service, they are moving from the general market to a "no competition zone". In other words, once users enter a RavingFans™ state of mind, it is extremely hard to get them to switch products.

Follow[the]Seed Team

Andrey Shirben