James Everingham, Co-Founder and SVP of Engineering, Lightspark.

James Everingham

Co-Founder and SVP of Engineering, Lightspark.

James Everingham Introduction

James Everingham is Co-Founder and SVP Engineering at Lightspark, Venture Partner at Lobby Capital. Previously VP Engineering, Novi, Meta, Instagram. James brings more than thirty years of experience as a manager, entrepreneur, and developer of great technology. Prior to Instagram, James was the Vice President of Engineering for Yahoo media properties. James came to Yahoo via acquisition of Luminate, an interactive image technology company which he founded. Prior to Luminate, James was the chief technology officer and founding team member of LiveOps where he spent six years developing and building a world-class technology platform and team. James joined LiveOps from Tellme Networks, Inc., where he served as senior director of engineering and managed core infrastructure groups responsible for data warehousing, reporting, web services, content feeds, and voice applications. Tellme was acquired by Microsoft in 2007. Prior to Tellme, James served as senior director of engineering for Netscape Communications, where he led the engineering group responsible for the flagship Netscape browser. During his five-year tenure at Netscape, James was involved in browser versions 1 through 6 with responsibilities ranging from implementation to management. Before joining Netscape, James held engineering and management positions at Oracle and Borland International. Prior to 1990, James founded Logical Alternatives, Inc., which developed state of the art programming tools. Logical Alternatives was acquired in 1989 by Magee Enterprises.

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