Leo Simon

Leo Simon is lore builder at magi.lol, General Partner at Telah. Investing in cutting-edge startups within the spheres of Web3, New Internet, VR, and more alongside Telah. I've previously founded Ampy, delving into the intricacies of the music social graph, and CryptAgency, a leading NFT agency in France. My crypto journey kicked off with KaizenDAO, a DAO focused on incubation and investment. I worked closely with founders (OlympusDAO & more), providing both financial support and hands-on guidance. Launched a gated subgroup, the Kalpha, with +$100k of volume on OpenSea. Worked as a partner at HoneyDAO, actively engaged in managing deal flow. Invested as an angel in diverse projects, including but not limited to Praxis, RSS3, Nibiru, Kinode, Intmax, Thales Market, Curvance, PrePo, … In my past life as a designer, I developed a deep passion for the intersection of art and technology.