Nader Dabit

Nader Dabit

Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node.

Nader Dabit Introduction

NADER Dabit is Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node. Currently working to help build the decentralized future at Edge and Node. Previously led Developer Advocacy for Front End Web and Mobile at Amazon Web Services. Specializing in GraphQL, cross platform, & cloud enabled web & mobile application development. Developing applications & reference architectures using a combination of GraphQL & serverless technologies built on AWS. 4 years experience training fortune 500 companies on web & mobile application development, with the last two focused on React and React Native Training (clients include Microsoft, Amazon, US Army Corps of Engineers, Visa, ClassPass, American Express, Indeed, & Warner Bros). Mobile consultant specializing in cross platform web & mobile application development. Author of React Native in Action (Manning Publications), Full Stack Serverless (O'Reilly Publications). Creator of React Native Elements, JAMstack CMS & JAMStack ECommerce.

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