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At Samsung NEXT, we partner with innovators to build ideas into products, grow products into businesses and scale businesses that leverage and transform the Samsung ecosystem. New technologies, new business models and new consumer habits create change, and with change come opportunities for entrants to become leaders. We invest in, build, partner with and acquire startups to create opportunities and ensure that Samsung is a part of these new value streams. We all know software is eating the world; now machine learning is eating software. This reality is not only changing the ways computers are impacting human lives but also how the systems are built. This fundamental shift affects how our digital and physical worlds connect, how machines help us accomplish tasks and how we interact with the machines. The growth of sensors and computing at the connected edge are creating a path towards a further decentralized computing network. The cloud as we know it will no longer sustain the velocity, variety, and volume of data originating at the edge. Architectures and workflows will be stressed to the point where a new model is required.

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